For our passenger fleet clients, we are also offering a complete range of design, catering, electrical procurement and furnishing solutions.
We take care of planning, transportation, export procedures and IMO compliance.
Our products can be custom designed/made in order to be of maximum correspondence to our client’s needs.

Steel structural repairs

And replacement as per class requirements with class certified welders.
Manufacturing of entirely new metal parts as per clients requirements and replacing heavily corroded areas with new parts.
Our skilled fitters offer a wide range of repairs on exterior and exterior of the vessel.


We are offering a range of services involving water blasting such as stripping paint and cosmetic upgrades.
Another usage of pressurised water blasting is found in tank cleaning.
Our skilled are able to perform various class painting jobs, including primer, coating and varnish finish.

Engine Overhaul

As per manufacturer requirements “on the run” or during dry docking and conversions.
Engine overhauling is essential to maintaing the long life of the hearth of the ship.
Our skilled certified technicians (YANMAR/MAN) can offer a full overhaul to the engine and its building components, pistons,frame box,cranshaft and rods, following a detailed report on the performance.


Manufacturing of custom furniture to suit our clients’ vision and preferences, when it comes to interior designing. As well as refurbishment of worn out wooden elements, using well-known techniques such as sanding, chipping and varnishing.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers design, develop, test, and supervise the electrical equipment such as
lights, audio and navigational systems.
Replacing electrical installations completely and installing CCTV systems.